Fast Start Guide – A Step By Step Text Guide to Earning Bitcoin with The Club Token App!  

Get Started Now In 3 Easy Steps!

The secret to your TCT online business success, is to complete these 3 easy steps! 

These are the same 3 steps I used to semi-retire in 2016!

Step 1 – Download the App and Sign Up.

Step 2 – Upgrade the App to a $50 Package.
This is so that you can test the system, and see that TCT token is usable.
You will receive personal daily rewards at 10% of your ‘staked’ capital, per month, paid daily into your TCT wallet! 

Step 3 – Share Your Link!
tct referral link

The more you share, the more you win!

It’s simple and easy, it works for me and will work for you too!



Step 1 – Sign Up 

Hey Friend 🙂
My name is Tutorman and I’m excited to be a part of the TCT Team!

The sign up process requires you to complete the following steps!

1. Ask Your Sponsor for Their Referral Link.
It looks something like this:
– This is Tutorman’s Link to Download the App!
In the video below this is how I downloaded the TCT App!

2. Download the TCT App.

Click on the link your sponsor sends to you and download the TCT App and sign up!

With the iOS TCT App, You Will See These Images, and with Android You Won’t See The Test Flight App!

3. Enter Your Details into the Form.
Add Your Full Name, Email and Mobile Details etc. to Register!

4. Complete Your KYC (Know Your Customer) information.
a. Add Image of Your Passport Front Details Page
b. Add Portrait Image of You Holding Your Passport Clearly.
c. Add Image of Your Passport Cover.

Your KYC will be confirmed as approved within 24 hours!

Step 2 – Upgrade

To upgrade there are several micro-steps, register a wallet; buy bitcoin; transfer bitcoin to TCT wallet; create an EPIN (you pay for a package); you press the upgrade button; and then select that epin from the list; and then your TCT wallet becomes active and you can now start earning personal rewards and commissions! 

Our Goal is to Upgrade to a $50 Starter Package First to Test The System. 
I know the ecosystem works, but you will need to see it work too; true or true?  

But First We Must Get Some Bitcoin (BTC) a Digital Currency.
We can get it from many exchanges and can buy it with credit card! I recommend you buy USD $70 in Bitcoin for the Starter Package!

Exchanges Recommended: 1. Coinbase; 2. Bittrex and 3. Atomic Wallet.

Buy Bitcoin Step by Step 

Micro Step #1 – Sign Up to Atomic Wallet:
Micro Step #2 – Buy $70 of Bitcoin (BTC)
Micro Step #3 – Transfer Your BTC to Your TCT App BTC Wallet.

Create an EPIN Step By Step!

EPINS – These are Positions That We Create and Then We Add Packages To Them
Micro Step #4. Create an Epin. Go to ‘My EPINs’ Click the + Sign and Create An Epin.
Micro Step #5. Select Package Type = $50 (a Non-Gaming Package.)
Micro Step #6. Then Select the Currency BTC (Pay By BTC).
Micro Step #7. Click On ‘Generate EPIN’

Upgrade Sub-Account Using EPIN

Account Registered

Micro Step #8. Click the Upgrade Button and Allocate a 6 Digit Passcode for This Epin, and Repeat.

Congratulations, You have now upgraded to a $50 package and you can now start building the business!

How to Refer People and Earn Bitcoin Commissions 

It’s simple and easy. 

Refer 2 people, one left and one right.

Tell them to Upgrade to a $50 Package and 

Repeat the Process!

This means refer more and help your friends refer more!

If you follow this system you can meet with success!

Give them this Fast Start page to get started:

Share the Opportunity!

  1. Get Your Refer Link.
    tct referral link
  2. Copy it to Clipboard.
  3. Ask your Friend, 
    You: ‘How Would You Like to Earn Bitcoin Using a Mobile App?’
    You: ‘How Would You Like to Start a Business from Home By Just Using Your Mobile Phone and the TCT App?’
    Friend: Sure/OK/What is It?
    You: ‘Would youlike to watch the video?’
    ‘OK Great’
  4. ‘Go here:    ‘
    ‘Watch all the videos on the website and then get back to me, I will answer any of your questions then!
    Talk to you in an hour! ‘
  5. You: Hi, Got any questions? / Ready to Get Started?
    Friend: Yes!

  6. You: ‘Cool! Would you like the link to Download the APP?’
    Friend: Yes!
    You: Here is the link: [give them your link] 
    Example This is Tutorman’s Link
    Also if you have any problems, go here, there is a tutorial that shows you how! 

  7. You: Here is the Fast Start Guide:
    Talk Soon!

Talk Soon, Take Care Bye For Now!
Your Personal Assistant Tutorman!

P.s. – *You Can Contact Your Personal Assistant Tutorman on What’sApp or Mobile +61466662316.

Fast Start Guide – A Step By Step Video Series to Success!

 Coming Soon!

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The Club Token Team Bonuses:

Sign Up For Free and Receive:
Bonus 1 – Work with Tutorman Webinar to Help You Overcome All Your Online Challenges Quickly and Easily in REAL-Time! 

Upgrade to a $50 Starter Package and Receive:
Bonus 2 – Fast Start Guide That is Step By Step to Help You Focus!

Upgrade to a $500/$1000 Package and Receive: 
Bonus 3 – A Page on Website to Help You Refer People Quickly and Easily!
See Example:

Got Any Questions?

Watch all the videos and attend webinars run by the company to see
TCT opportunity from the top of the mountain!

Contact my assistant Tutorman using the green WhatsApp Button at the top of the screen!

Do Come and Chat with Me Tutorman on WhatsApp to Answer Any of Your Questions, So That You Can Make an Informed Decision!

Come and Join the TCT Team, You Will Be Glad You Did!

To Your Success,


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