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Hi Guys 🙂
My name is Muhammad Abbas and I am your Team Leader of Pakistan TCT, I’m here to help you grow your business in Pakistan and the World!

*You Can Also Contact Muhammad Abbas’s Personal Assistant Tutorman on What’sApp or Mobile +61466662316 When You Need Any Help!

The Club Token Presentation Hindi
द क्लब टोकन प्रेजेंटेशन हिंदी

TCT English Presentation – CEO Reveals TCT Global inc. Company News and Secrets in the Meeting Below:

The Club Token Emergency Meeting for Top Leaders Agenda:
00:00 Small talk… 
We find out anonymous top leader ‘Go Pro’ and others are listening in!
02:45 – Waiting for the top leader to speak… and Leo speaks…
Setting the stage for the meeting, introducing top leaders on the call!
09:40 – Presentation with TCT Global Inc Sales Consultant Karla.
27:50 – Question time where top leaders ask their important questions, and CEO Henry and TCT Global inc. staff members James and Karla help to answer questions!
51:00 – Interview with a corporate partner
Top leaders ask questions. 
59:00 CEO Henry accidentally or intentionally reveals the company secret!

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To Your Success,

Muhammad Abbas

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