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What is Tutorman Blueprint?

My Case Study – How I Retired is what I call ‘The #1 Internet Marketing Income Strategy’; where I made $100,000 online, and $28,000 in a single month in 2016! It is proven by me! My Case Study is a list of 20 action steps.

Tutorman Blueprint takes your business online to the next level. For example, it’s the difference of taking your business from $500 online to making $500 online in a day!

Good or Good?

Let’s Begin The Tutorman Blueprint Step By Micro-Step Video Training Series.

Step 1 – Business Strategy

Business Strategy Secrets

The Golden Circle and Creating Your Reason Why, Why You Do What You Do; Read the Book ‘Start with Why’ by Simon Sinek and Watch the Video Below

‘I’m here to serve you, give massive value and complete a legacy.
See My Reason Why, Why I Do What I Do!

Your Brand Strategy – I use StoryFormulas.com to create my success and vulnerable stories.
See the example: The Tutorman Story

We can also create a story that can sell a product or a service!

Finding your target or ideal customer:

We need to ask these questions to find them:
Where do our target customers live?

– Creating a lead magnet;
– Creating an optin page!
– There are also tools we can use such as a business strategy template: => Access Template
and keyword research tools => Access Keyword Research Tool

Step 2 – Digital Product Creation

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Sometimes there is a need to create ebooks and videos and I show you how I do it step by micro-step!

A video can be created in many ways including a story; an interview of an expert; screen capture; live webinars; instructional videos; just to name a few!

Ebooks can be .pdf files; Kindle books; video transcripts and articles are some examples of written digital products!

Software can be created, but it’smuch easier to buy the rights to market it as an affiliate!

Step 3 – Getting Your Marketing System Set Up!

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Marketing Systems like the one I use as a Heal Worldwide affiliate are very professionally designed by a company which has created several successful marketing systems before it! This is good because they have gone through all the challenges before and can produce a top system for Heal Worldwide, which they did!

The setup is mostly achieved by completing the first 3 steps in my case study namely sign up; upgrade to VIP and becomeing a 100% user by going ‘all in’.

The benefit of going ‘all in’ is that we can learn how to do marketing online from the training programs within the platform!

As we learn and take action by implementing these strategies, we also start to earn money!

Cool or cool? It’s absolutely awesome!

There are other things to know and each product teaches a different strategy and mindset! This is truely transformational!

Setting Up a Blog Website with Tutorman

Join Wealthy Affiliate!

I Joined Wealthy Affiliate because i can host many websites at low cost!
Click this link to Join:

Step 4 – Website Traffic Generation.

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a. I start with Facebook strategies to dip our toes in the water!
Using the Ultimate All-in-One Marketing System we will Share the Opportunity with people on Facebook! One-Click Sharing the Opportunity on Facebook!

Create a Page in Facebook

b. Next I like to buy Solo ads and Internal Traffic to get optins and sales!
This helps to build confidence if the strategy actually gets results! It may or it may not!

Internal Traffic Buys!
We will buy internal traffic at around $1 per click to bring in buyer traffic and convert them to VIP members and business builders! This traffic could be the best traffic available online!

c. We will create a Gmail Account and Youtube Channel!

How to Create an Authority Channel on Youtube!

Then Upload a Video to Youtube and using On-page and Off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we will Rank the Video on the 1st Page of Youtube Search Results! Posting videos reguarly on Youtube will help us to create an Authority Youtube Channel!

d. Microsoft + Google Paid Advertisements The Tutorman Way!
We will create ads that bring in cold traffic to our landing page at low cost per visitor!

Step 5 – Business Automation and Follow Up Strategies

a. I teach Email Marketing and List Building.
We will Setup a List; an Autoresponder Follow Up Email Series!
WE will Setup a Form and Integrate it with our Ultimate Marketing system!

b. I will show you how to close the sale!

Tutorman will help you to close sales quickly and easily and will give you the same system he uses to get sales on autopilot! Nobody else online uses the same system to convert people into business builders quickly and easily!

Good or good?
It’s absolutely awesome!

Lifetime In-Real Time Mentoring Online with Tutorman

Overcome All Your Marketing Challenges Instantly with Tutorman!

Tutor man

Description of Tutorman Mentoring.

1. The Tutorman App; (Tutorman Mentoring is in ‘Real Time’)
I give you access to an app that will helps us communicate immediately in real-time with each other and to help you overcome all of your online challenges quickly and easily!
This is cool because you won’t need to wait for answers!

2. My Case Study and Tutorman Blueprint Pre-Recorded Video Training (Step-by-Micro-Step)
These are strategies I have already implemented into my business online.
3. Live Webinar Training

To Show You How to Do Something in Real Time;
Fast track your business online education and move your business forward fast!

4. Team Training and Mentoring;
You can also invite your Team to learn from me at the same time, accelerating your results!
5. System Setup All Done For You;

I help you setup your ultimate marketing system step by step to help you meet with success online!

Good or good? It’s absolutely awesome!

Tutorman Big Promise!

Tutorman 100% Guarantee that I Will Mentor You To Make $500 Online!

Yes, I First Show You How To Make $500 and Then Help You To Make $500 Online, and then $500 Online in a Day!
Helping people to help themselves and freeing the world!

P.s – As you maintain your Heal VIP status, I will continue to mentor you!

Great or Great? It’s Absolutely Awesome!

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Disclaimer: Business online success requires the right mindset, skill and doing things in the certain way. I cannot promise you that you will semi-retire like I did, or make any money at all. It is my experience that your success with this program depends on your daily proof of work.