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The Club Token Whitepaper

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Global Gaming and Betting have been around for hundreds of years and will be around for many more owing to the attractiveness of the industry – its glitz, glamour and excitement.

There are, however, fundamental issues that limit the growth of this sector which need to be confronted. Using blockchain technology in unique and sophisticated ways, The Club Token (TCT) platform aims to provide revolutionary capabilities that will attract new players and improve the experience from existing ones, thereby growing the market for gaming services. We believe that this new functionality will facilitate substantial interference within the online betting community, to such extent that TCT will become the preferred business partner to operators and suppliers around the world.

This whitepaper demonstrates the prospect of improving integrity and fairness within the gaming industry by providing assurances to all players that transactions on the blockchain platform are transparent, reliable, and autonomous. However, this is only the beginning, as the distributed ledger also creates unique opportunities to broaden the scope of the offering with the accumulation of valuable business intelligence. This information will be compiled with the help of sophisticated data mining tools and mobile application that will enhance product offerings by improving the understanding of customers and targeting their needs in a precise manner.

The Club Token will introduce a secured digital technology platform that solves  historical relationship blockages by revealing detailed evidence of the nature and behavior of the gaming community. This will enable new levels of trust and interconnected understanding among users and service providers and will enhance broad-based participation.


The gaming industry is huge and constantly-growing. This has led many companies from all over the world wanting to be part of the action. Here are some key statistics:

  • The global online and land gambling market size is US$1 trillion. For online gambling alone, the market size was about US$306 billion in 2018. It is expected to reach US$527 billion in 2023; registering a CAGR of 11.5% from 2018 to
  • In the United States of America, commercial integrated resort gaming revenue has reached a new record of over US$40 billion and the tribal gaming industry generates more than US$31 billion making a total of US$71 billion market. The Las Vegas Strip area remains king with US$6.6 billion, up nearly 2%. The Baltimore-Washington region saw the greatest increase with revenue growing 6.4% in 2018 to US$1.9
  • Las Vegas-style integrated resort gaming and tribal gaming integrated resorts are now legal in 41 states in the USA. A whopping 35% of American adults say they visited an integrated resort in the past 12 months, with nearly 90% agreeing that integrated resorts are a socially acceptable form of entertainment. The commercial gaming industry paid US$9.71 billion in direct state and local taxes in 2018, up 3% in
  • In the UK, legislation changes have made the market steadily-growing. In 2018, the British gambling industry made US$15.3 billion and it’s estimated that 32% of the population gamble
  • In Australia, 80% of its population gambles. A recent study showed that they bet more than any other country, spending around US$18 billion a
  • In Canada, it makes US$11.96 billion in revenue every year. The industry grew 4.9% in 2017 and is still growing because of its liberal approach to
  • In Asia, Macau is a gambling haven with revenue that is already 50% even though gambling is illegal in mainland China. In 2018, the city made almost $38
  • The growing popularity of betting across the globe and the premium model in online gambling are among the potential opportunities likely to unfold in the next few years.

The Club Token


The Club Token (TCT) is a cryptocurrency and membership platform. TCT will offer multitude of benefits to its members from secure and fair online gambling, interoperability between existing platforms and exclusive merchants through to VIP benefits. The benefits it provides are much needed among the difficulties faced by online players of fraud, unsecured transactions, and unfair tables.



Our Vision is to build the best membership programme and to be the place of choice to live, play, and earn by offering superior entertainment value, smooth experiences, and luxurious benefits and rewards.


TCT is dedicated to cater and create the cream of society. We offer a safe investment opportunity to our members by guaranteeing 100% capital protection. Our unique business model is designed to serve our members with hedonic benefits, to provide them a smooth physical and virtual gaming experience, and to support them in reaching maximum rewards potential.


Live | Play | Earn


Online gambling is the fastest growing form of gambling in the world. According to a report issued by the American Gaming Association (AGA), nearly 3,000 Internet gambling sites offer wagering on sports, poker, bingo, lottery and other games. Online gambling has generated approximately $30 billion in annual revenue. Although legal in 85 countries, the United States has made it illegal to conduct financial transactions online for the purpose of placing a bet or wager. Coupled with the federal Wire Act of 1961, these statutes have been used to combat illegal Internet gambling.

The legal landscape in the United States has changed dramatically in December 2011 with the U.S. Department of Justice’s announcement limiting the Wire Act’s applicability to sports betting. This decision gave license to states to make available a wide array of games of chance on the Internet. The result has been a flurry of legislation at both the state and federal level, including bills that would legalize and federally regulate online poker.

As U.S. federal and state government officials debate the legalization of forms of online gambling, questions about the risks of gambling online have been raised by policy makers, clinicians and researchers:

  • Is Internet gambling especially attractive to bettors who are predisposed to develop gambling problems?
  • Is any kind of online gambling — poker, sports betting or gaming platforms — a risky business even for people not at risk for a gambling problem?
  • Do the speed of certain games and the social isolation of online gambling promote excessive gambling?
  • Is it possible to encourage responsible gaming among online gamblers?


The Internet gambling findings of Dr. Shaffer and colleagues, the most reliable research available on this topic, indicate that the overwhelming majority of players wager “moderately” when compared to the overall patterns of betting behavior for all subscribers.

  1. Approximately 5 percent of the online gamblers studied appeared to engage in excessive betting behavior patterns in terms of time and money spent. (Note: the study did not screen for gambling problems, and, therefore, it cannot be assumed that the gamblers in this category have been diagnosed with a gambling )


  1. Their overall findings contradict the speculation that online gambling is a public health hazard because of Internet gambling’s easier access and structural characteristics (e.g., speed of play) compared with traditional forms of gaming. Instead, the portrait of Internet gambling emerging from this research appears to be consistent with worldwide prevalence rates of gambling disorders, which range between 1 and 2

The following sections summarize the Harvard studies on online poker, sports betting and gaming platforms. It is important to remember that science has yet to determine whether a particular game, online or traditional, has an impact on the development of a gambling disorder.


Online poker has been fueled by the explosive popularity of the card game, especially as promoted by televising poker tournaments. Noting the widespread poker-playing opportunities for college students, card playing is one of the top gambling activities at colleges; many have expressed concern that online poker poses a special threat to young people. With these issues in mind, the Harvard researchers produced the first- ever population analysis of the actual gambling behavior evidenced by a large cohort of Internet poker gamblers. While the study’s participants didn’t identify their ages for this project, the data gives a bigger picture of behavior patterns for online poker players.

The researchers found moderate gambling behaviors in a study of 3,445 Internet poker players, observed over a period of two years.

  • As players experienced more losses, they moderated their gambling. This finding suggests that the majority of individuals curbed their gambling based on their wins and losses — exhibiting what might be considered rational betting


  • Specifically, 95% of the sample bought a median of $16 in U.S. dollars worth of chips at each of two poker sessions per week during a six-month


  • The “most involved players”, 5% of the sample, spent more and played more, betting a median of approximately $115 in U.S. dollars worth of chips at each of 10 sessions per


This study is the first step to understanding the behavioral patterns of online poker players and is foundational to the next step of identifying online poker playing among vulnerable population segments.

Gaming systems generate enormous volumes of transactions at high speed. In physical gaming industry, games are autonomous, some are mechanical and others are physical. One of the challenges of online gaming platforms is to cater to these transactions in real time and across dispersed networks. As a result of hard coded limits on computations per block, the Ethereum Blockchain currently supports roughly 15 transactions per second, which is insufficient. As usership on the platform grows it is expected that capacity will constrain speeds even further. This, along with the energy requirements and therefore gas costs associated with transacting in the distributed ledger, makes it impossible for gaming transactions to be accommodated on the chain. There are numerous initiatives to improve scalability and processing authorizations on the Blockchain such as moving away from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake, Sharding and Multi-layer Noding such as Bitcoin’s Lightning network.

TCT will therefore develop its own scaling solution by processing most transactions of the chain through a separate platform. It is not necessary for every toss of a dice or spin of a wheel to be approved and therefore much of the calculations and data transfers will happen on operator computers, supplier servers or on gaming cloud servers. However, each party and bet will be assigned key labels or metadata which will allow for the accumulation of vast amounts of data that can classify and analyze with artificial intelligence to create a database that tracks and describes the activity within the marketplace.


The Blockchain domain has become increasingly relevant since the launch of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The growing demand for the Blockchain adoption continues and will continue as new ideas enter the market daily. The Blockchain has the potential to benefit multiple industries but is particularly evident in the clear synergy between the Blockchain and the Gambling industry.

TCT has several key advantages over its competitors. The founder of TCT possesses the relevant expertise in the industry:

  • We are a legal Licensed Manufacturer and Service Provider to the Gaming Industry;
  • We have the knowledge and hands-on experience in the Gaming and Betting domain;
  • We have the IT infrastructure, necessary expertise, the management and the development team required to execute a project of this nature efficiently; and
  • We have the Gambling and Betting certified products used in a production

TCT is not in the learning phase. We exhibit real-world experience, as well as existing functional systems and infrastructure which are currently servicing customers and the gaming industry.


The Club Token (TCT) increases traffic for our partnered resorts both in land and online space; we build and service a community of global players. TCT’s Membership Program benefits offer a taste of integrated resort lifestyle. A VIP customer can have benefits such as getting picked up in the airport by a chauffeur in a Roll Royce, being able to express check in, getting complimentary fruit/wine, receiving additional 10% more rolling chips, enjoying complimentary additional nights, getting free room upgrades, and even having a personal shopper!


TCT’s interoperable coin is a digital currency which can be used in both land and online gaming. It operates just like cash except it saves our members the trouble of carrying large amounts of bills. Aside from safety issues in carrying cash when going abroad, almost all countries require a declaration when you bring in or out amounts that exceed US$10,000. This declaration poses a challenge as it raises Anti-Money Laundering (AML) flags.


TCT solves this issue as no declaration is needed; all you need is a TCT wallet. When members walk into our integrated resorts, they just need to present their App to the cashiers and gaming chips will be issued. Their account will be deducted accordingly. TCT wallet bypasses currency controls that governments impose.


Another distinct advantage the integrated resorts have is by utilizing TCT as a platform on the marketing front. Integrated resorts have enormous restrictions on marketing by regulators; TCT can reach a million members and players through direct marketing in a matter of months by conducting viral and grassroots marketing and acting as junket operator for the integrated resorts.



  • TCT Members are supported by the following established integrated resorts across several countries.


TCT coins can be used at the consortium integrated resorts below:

Solaire (Philippines)

City of Dreams (Philippines)

Crowne Plaza (Vietnam)

Xi Hu (Cambodia)

Naga World (Cambodia)

Discover the multi-award winning world class Integrated Resort

Samdech Techo Hun Sen Park, Phnom Penh, 120101, P.O. Box 1099 Phnom Penh,
Kingdom of Cambodia

Bally’s (Sri Lanka)

Bellagio (Sri Lanka)

L’Arc (Macau)

Rio (Macau)

Paradise City (South korea)

Walker Hill (South Korea)


TCT Global Inc. accepts 3 types of coin (BTC, ETH and XRP) in activating a package and may choose to accept more coins in the future. Depending on the chosen package, a member will enjoy various rewards. The earnings are all paid out in TCT coins. The collected TCT interoperable coins in the wallet can be used in the various categories such as travel, stay, dine, shop, enjoy, and play. A member can also use TCT for DApp market place which is an online auction house for bidding. Below is an illustration of TCT Ecosystem:

the club token ecosystem layout



  • TCT can be used to exchange for rolling chips at our consortium integrated resorts.



  • TCT allows you to have a whole new experience in spending time in hotels, in doing shopping, in being transported (airport transfer), in having meals, in watching concerts, and in accessing other premium benefits that are within our ecosystem.


  • Wallet exchange swapping to mainstream coins such as BTC, ETH, USDT (ERC20).



Below are the numerous advantages offered to TCT Players:


Absolute transparency


The blockchain, by its nature, is a record or ledger that cannot be tampered with; this feature has led to its adoption in so many industry sectors. Receiving TCT coins makes use of the blockchain to record the results of each game – giving players peace of mind.

Fair gaming


One of the main problems with online gaming today is the phenomenon of fraudulent companies setting game rules in their favor. Though such companies can be blacklisted, fraudulent games are still a barrier to entry for some players and investors. TCT bypasses these problems through the use of blockchain to generate full randomness in games. Game randomness cannot be manipulated if generated by the blockchain. Winnings are based solely on good fortune and basic mathematical game probability.

Fair distribution of winnings


The use of blockchain ensures that winnings are distributed as per the rules of the game and not at the discretion of the integrated resorts manager.

Transfer burning


TCT coin deploys coin-burning. TCT coins used in purchasing goods and  services in our exclusive merchants get burned and at the same time, it can be used to convert to chips in playing. This helps to keep inflation low and the demand high – making the coin an attractive investment.



Although the TCT blockchain registry is public, it does not contain any legible personal data and information. However, it still stores all available game data. It also guarantees purchases with 100% capital protection and rewards.



One of the key benefits offered by TCT is the interoperability across all the integrated resorts within our network.


Package services including compliance control, equipment setup, gambling software, technical and customer support which will assist the land-based integrated resorts to get online in the easiest way possible.

There are also more than 80 VIP tables to cater to high rollers  also  known as  a  whale. These whales consistently wager large amounts of money. They are separated from the ordinary gambling floors and often receive lavish ‘comp’ such as free private jets transfers, limousine use and use of the integrated resort best suites.

TCT VIP members will also enjoy airport pick up in a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce, express check-ins, complimentary fruit and wines, an additional 10% in rolling chips, complimentary extra nights, free room upgrades, and even a personal shopper!


TCT is utilized by integrated resorts to be the marketing front and to bring them a community of global players.


  • High investment cost – In today’s world, land-based integrated resorts going online is a natural tendency if integrated resorts want to compete in the market. However, developing an online gaming platform can be very costly for any company that wants to move in this direction. Offering the live dealer games, you will need to build your own live integrated resorts studio. This studio would include live video streaming equipment and operators to handle this equipment, several dealers to host the games, online marketing and much more costs behind the scenes. There is some live online gaming suppliers that provide all the elements needed to run a live online gaming studio. These packages are high-priced and customers are also required to share a large percentage of net profit to the
  • Licensing Issue – Online gambling is one of the most highly regulated industries across the globe due to the illegal activities such as money laundering, fraud and underage gambling. To minimize the risk to society, a license is always required; otherwise it is a serious criminal offense. Being licensed means the company must follow strict regulations put in place to keep clients safe. The entire process from applying for the online gambling license to the business operation stage is time-consuming and will potentially cost millions of dollars. Holding a land-based integrated resorts license does not mean that the operator can legally launch an online gaming platform, which a remote integrated resorts license is always required. However, many online gaming platforms are operating in a grey area because they are partially regulated. As a result, they tell the clients that their businesses are legal. This is not the case, the directors and the team of the company has the legal responsibility if any part of the business is involved in illegal
  • Trust issue – Many players worry about the fairness and reliability of online gaming platforms. There are many reputable online gaming platforms out there, however there are just as many which are fraudulent. These blacklisted online gaming platforms can be easily found on the internet. Live dealer games for example; the most critical issue to deal with is latency. Operators can exploit the time gap to cheat the players. Other regular integrated resorts games like slot machines and RNG games can be also rigged, they are designed with a backdoor to cheat or control the chances of winning. Although the cryptocurrency has solved most of the transaction issues, some illegal online gaming platforms take advantage of this technology. These illegal integrated resorts use bitcoin as the trading currency, when clients would like to withdraw the balance; they are unable to do so. Even worse, there is no way to complain about the unlicensed integrated resorts. Other threats included the security of the virtual online gaming platforms as many hackers are targeting gambling client’s online earnings, along with their personal data.

In summary, the TCT will result in:

  • Additional security;
  • Shorter transaction turnaround times (11- 15 seconds);
  • No chargebacks;
  • Low transaction costs;
  • Instant reflection of winnings and withdrawals;
  • Compatibility across gaming platforms; and
  • Cryptographically verified


An added advantage arises with the centralized funds repository in that it enables the scrutiny of universal spending trends and player behavior patterns, linked to their identity, which triggers the awarding of incentives and results in useful business intelligence.




With TCT’s Liquidity, our member is the master of their earned money. Our token’s interoperability allows our members to purchase products or services with our exclusive merchants through our partnered integrated resorts. Our members can also convert TCT to mainstream coins or reinvest into our Multiplier Packages which we will implement in the future for our members to reap more rewards.

Leveraging on the characteristics of digital assets, including anonymity, security and global circulation, there are considerable assets in the world that can benefit from the adoption of digital currencies in terms of liquidity and risk aversion. One among the many is cross-border remittance services which have an annual volume of more than US$600 billion, half of which are generated from small amounts of labor remittances in China, India and Southeast Asia. However, traditional mainstream telegraphic transfer  is not without its intrinsic flaws, such as high processing fees and long waiting periods. In addition, with the implementation of foreign exchange control, small value  remittances command greater costs and higher barriers to entry. The security of the remittance funds is subjected to the impact of regional political stability; therefore, the traditional means of fund transfers is presented with considerable risks. TCT allows conversion under these mainstream coins: BTC, USDT ERC20, and ETH.



In the traditional world, the selection and matching of clients is premised on trust and expectation, which are backed by values or experiences such as centralized endorsements, collateralization or tangible physical entities. In the absence of tangible endorsement, clients will likely experience confusion and inertia that is not easy to dispel. However, the issue of trust, or the lack of it, is resolved by a decentralized encrypted system supplemented by the incorporation of smart contracts, in the context of blockchain networks. From which, an autonomous community arises. In the pursuit of freedom, TCT aspires to construct a fully autonomous and highly efficient community. Users can rest assured that both data and asset security are guaranteed when utilizing these services. Through secured contracts, an ecosystem on its own is formed and is thus able to present services and products in a more efficient manner.



Constant growth and innovation of our systems is a crucial objective for our strategy. TCT is a self-funded system that runs its own dedicated masternodes, which supply the funds needed to maintain and improve the project. Based on this model, we have developed a financial structure that would generate income for all TCT owners while utilizing our coin, itself, for the security of the blockchain.

In the masternode network, users of the platform and owners of TCT coins are compensated by the network through the allocation of rewards based upon TCT owners’ contributions to the network as confirmation nodes and masternodes. TCT is distributed within a hybrid network for securing the blockchain by confirming transactions while ensuring the privacy of transactions and facilitating instant transactions between users of our platform. TCT is not limited to securing the network, it can also be used as an instrument for payments. The main goals of TCT are to serve as the cryptocurrency that is used by our partners, development of worldwide business platforms which accept cryptocurrency, and for the rapid transfer of funds and payments within our platform.


the club token roadmap timeline 


the club token roadmap




Given the constant growth of the gaming industry, the same trend can be assured in the years ahead, especially with the growth of mobile marketing. This is particularly true for online gambling, which is expected to overtake the market in the following years. The advance of modern technologies such as the blockchain makes this highly likely. Even today, half of the online gamers gamble via smartphone. It can therefore be assumed that the number will increase since this seems like the most practical and most convenient way to play; it has already become a part of everyday life for many players. Future innovations could completely transform the gaming industry in the coming years.




Caution: We will never ask for your private key or ask for a transaction to a private address. All contribution wallet addresses will only be shown on the official TCT website,

The Club Token is fully aware of the need to protect and provide only responsible gaming in accordance to the Gaming Act and the Gaming Player Protection Regulations, in order to ensure the following:

  • Existence of proper controls, policies and procedures to prevent gaming by minors;
  • Inclusion of proper controls, policies and procedures to protect vulnerable persons;
  • The interests of all players are adequately safeguarded and that players are provided with information on any and all avenues of recourse they may have if they feel aggrieved by a decision of TCT;
  • All information relevant to the gaming service is readily available to players;
  • Information related to responsible gaming is readily available to players;
  • Tools are readily available empowering players or any other persons to control their use of gaming services and to safeguard themselves from the effects of problem gaming; and
  • Marketing and advertising of the gaming service is fair and in accordance with the Gaming Commercial Communications Regulations (2018) and any other applicable regulatory instrument or any other applicable law, namely:
    • Educational responsible gaming messaging shall be prominently included within all commercial communications related to gaming: provided that where impractical due to spatial limitations, such as on the screens of portable communications devices, the relevant commercial communication may make use of alternative means which capture the viewer’s attention effectively
    • There will be a web-portal address devoted to responsible gaming and to be carried on all commercial communications and will be presented in a manner which is clearly legible – provided that where impractical due to spatial limitation, such as on the screens of portable communications devices, the relevant commercial communication may make use of alternative means which capture the viewer’s attention




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